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Helping you build your business is a dream come true..


Hey There! Is this mic on.. let me take the mic for a hot minute and share all about ME. 

I am a millennial mom of 3 who currently has 3 businesses under her belt. Read my abbreviated journey into entrepreneurship below.. you will realize why I named my business NO PLAN B.

How My Journey Started

In 2017 my then boyfriend  and I started The Vault Music Studio together. I quickly worked to create strategies, implement systems, and sit as his COO to help him grow the business. Guess what? IT WORKED! I spent 3 years as COO helping to create meaningful and sustainable income, all the way to us now having a team of 5! However, in 2020 I realized the large gap in AFFORDABLE resources and help, so I let my husband know my new journey was starting, one were there was NO PLAN B.


When No Plan B started I called on my fellow friends in business to work with me 1:1 FOR FREE! My highest prices were $75-100 for an entire month of working with me, boy have things changed! I coupled what I already knew about small business, with my college degrees, and then hearing from other small business owners to understand what they needed. What did they need? Accountability, help setting goals and executing, structure, and to always keep an eye on the numbers, along with many other things. As I listened - I also wrote my workbook, Birth Your Business, so those who couldn't afford my services YET, could still do the inside work on their business.

As No Plan B grew, so did I. I co-hosted a women's conference in 2021, I have hosted many networking events across the East Coast, I have also worked with over 100 women in business who needed help. I started to offer consulting within the systems and operations space, I truly felt that I was in my zone of genius!


Fast forward to today, where I have my time split between The Next Generation Network, No Plan B, and my family. The Next Generation Network is my exclusive membership of over 80 women in business who network, collaborate, and learn TOGETHER. We also have some pretty awesome referrals too. I offer business coaching event strategy, and sprinkle in public speaking and event hosting too. I am so excited to see where this journey continues to bring me - and I hope we can connect one day!

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+ Coconut Caramel Latte


+ Italy 


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+ Tacos, Of Course!

Client Testimonials

Pink Sand

I discovered that I truly can achieve my goals.

"Gabby is a no BS business consultant. She gives you an outsider's view of your business and doesn't waste time on things that won't move your business forward. Plus she knows everyone and can connect you to the right person if you need more support in your business.." 

- Jillian Grover Podcasting Solutions


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