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This is where I handle all things clients and conversions. It is a business management tools which is truly priceless when you use it to its full advantage. Use this code to get 20% off your first month or year!

You know me - I am all about giving value and ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed! Scroll to view some of the resources below!

Let's Get Funded!

First - sign up for Fundid by clicking here

Second - Visit this spreadsheet from The Institute of Women's Entrepreneurship at Cornell 

Thirdly - Access local resources by checking out the sites below!

Funding Resources - click here!

SBA resources - click here!

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Shop my favorites!

Check out my Amazon Storefront to shop my business favorites and self care must haves. Please note that I do receive affiliate commission if you do purchase something through this link!

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Upcoming Events

NGN Friendsgiving is on November 18th in Rockaway, NJ with an emphasis on connecting women entrepreneurs from across the East Coast!

The Next Generation Network hosts biweekly networking calls - join one here! 

WIB will be heading to the UK in May of 2024, if you want to learn more about how you can join their 2 day women's conference in the UK, sign up below!

Want to grab a virtual coffee?

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