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Small Biz Babes Making Waves

Are you ready to meet phenomenal women business owners who are truly making waves? View our small business features below!


Download the Magazine!

Want to learn more about each of the women who we collaborated with? Download the magazine below!

Meet the Small Biz Babes!

Each participant highlighted is an amazing small business owner or women entrepreneur doing amazing work in their respective fields and community. Learn more about them by clicking on their picture and downloading the magazine above!

Attend our upcoming summit!

Our second annual summit is happening on August 16th in Metuchen, NJ. With an incredible lineup of speakers, panels, vendors, and amazing networking opportunities, we hope to see you in this room!

This Summer we will be discovering the stories of 10 founders.

What is your founder's story? How did you build the business you have today? Let's uncover your founder's story this summer!

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